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For adults

Cook (more) at home

With eateries limited to only take-out and delivery, why not take the opportunity to cook at home? Whether you’re just starting your cooking journey or a seasoned cook looking to expand your menu, give our latest recipes (below) a try – they’re from professional chefs so they’re bound to taste good, yet are easy to make and healthy too.

Also, check out recipes from “My Best Healthy Recipe" (MBHR)  home cooked recipes shared by you, our readers!

For kids

Make screen time beneficial

Full home-based learning (HBL) for students means plenty of screen time at home. When your child needs a break, enrich them with edutainment content instead of games and entertainment! A recent popular choice is the Storyline Online YouTube channel where celebrities (like Michelle Yeoh and Oprah Winfrey) read a wide array children’s books to inspire children to read more.

If you’re worried about your child developing ‘screen addiction’ and how to prevent it, check out the article below.

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For seniors

Can’t socialise? Pick up a new skill/hobby

The best way for seniors to minimise risk of contracting COVID-19 is to minimise face-to-face interactions, and avoid stepping out of the home.  While waiting for the situation to improve, try keeping your brain active by learning a new skill like how to speak a foreign language or play a musical instrument (you can find plenty of such instructional videos free on YouTube).

You can also try puzzle-solving games for seniors, available for free at online sites like Seniorlink Blog. Or play card games and chess/checkers with your spouse.

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