Congratulations on your pregnancy!

This is an exciting time for you and your family. You might be feeling happy, excited, and even a little anxious about being pregnant, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Do not fear because we are all here to help you along this wonderful journey. Along this 9-month journey, we will be giving you tips and information on what to expect or know during your pregnancy.

Just like the preconception journey, we have a personalized plan for you that covers 4 important areas - Screening, Size, Supplements and Symptoms (4S). You will be able to find information for each of the trimesters you will be going through.



First trimester


1. Current health level and measurements


2. Ultrasound dating scan


3. Pregnancy blood tests


4. Vaccinations


5. Mental wellness


Second trimester


1. Ultrasound screening scan


2. General health check


3. Gestational hypertension screening


4. Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)


Third trimester


1. Ultrasound growth scan


  1. Knowing the position of your baby and placenta is important because it will determine how you’ll most likely deliver your baby (i.e. normal vaginal delivery vs. caesarean section).

  2. If your baby has not yet turned upside down (i.e. baby remains in breech position), your doctor may offer to manually turn your baby upside down within your womb, in order for you to deliver your baby normally through your vagina.

2. Vaginal swab test (LVS)


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