During pregnancy, you may want to cut down on certain types of Singapore hawker food, as you are more susceptible to food poisoning.

As a general rule, when eating out, choose foods which are freshly-cooked or prepared only after you place your order,” says Ms Kellie Kong, Dietitian ​from the ​Department of Nutrition & Dietetics​ at​ ​KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), a member of the SingHealth group.

When you’re pregnant, you should be careful of pre-cooked foods that have been left out at room temperature for some time, e.g. Indian rojak, steamed chicken rice or nasi padang dishes.​

Dietitians share their thoughts on the types of Singapore hawker food that are healthier options for you when you’re pregnant.

What to note about breakfast options at Singapore h​awker centres during pregnancy

Roti prata

Roti prata is a common breakfast item that is made up of flour and ghee (fat) and then cooked in oil. It is typically served with a plate of curry. Other varieties of roti prata may feature ingredients such as egg, cheese, chocolate and banana.

Two pieces of plain roti prata and a plate of curry can easily contain 500 calories. You should remember that your energy requirements only increase by 370 kcal per day in the 2nd trimester and 480 kcal per day in the 3rd trimester.

Other than fat and carbohydrate, roti prata does not contain significant amounts of nutrients such as protein, iron, calcium, folate and vitamin A. Hence, whilst roti prata can be eaten occasionally or when you have a craving for it, it is not the healthiest breakfast choice.

Kopi, toast and soft-boiled eggs

Kopi, toast and soft-boiled eggs are breakfast staples in Singapore. The good news is that when you’re pregnant, you can still enjoy this local breakfast. Instead of soft-boiled eggs, ask for the eggs to be hard-boiled to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Which Singapore hawker foods are healthier breakfast choices for pregnant women?

When you’re pregnant, a healthy and nutritious breakfast should consist of complex or slowly-digested carbohydrates (e.g. fresh fruit, wholegrain cereal, low-fat dairy products) paired with protein-containing foods (e.g. egg, reduced fat cheese, tau huay).

Here are some examples of Singapore hawker food that you can have for breakfast when you’re pregnant:

  • Tau huay (with less s​yrup) and soon kueh
  • Thosai or idli with lentil curry
  • Fish or chicken porridge (without yu char kway - fried dough fritters)
  • Yam cake with 1 glass of reduced-sugar soya bean milk

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