Now that you are trying to conceive, you should not just eat healthily. To get pregnant, it is also a good idea to cut out cigarettes completely.

Risks of smoking for mum

Smokers have greater difficulty becoming pregnant, and they also have an increased risk of spontaneous abortion.

Risks of smoking for baby

When a pregnant woman smokes, her baby smokes with her. Carbon monoxide and nicotine cross into the fetus's circulation, decreasing its oxygen supply and increasing its heartbeat.

Newborns of smoking mothers tend to be on the smaller side, usually about 300g underweight.

A more severe form of this problem is termed intrauterine growth restriction, which in essence means that your baby is not meeting its supposed growth checkpoints while in the womb and is severely underweight. As a result, physical development is affected.

Trying to conceive? Besides avoiding smoking, find out why you should also avoid alcohol.

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