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Steamed Mushrooms and Vegetables - Shared by Marilyn Lim


Cherry tomatoes - 6

Shitake mushrooms (chopped) - 2

Carrot (sliced) - 1/2

Capsicum (chopped) - 1/2

Stalk of Leek - 1/2

Broccoli - 1/4

Chives (chopped) - Small bunch

Olive oil - 2 tblspn

Sea salt - To taste

Salad dressing - (optional)


    Serves 2

    1) Prepare ingredients masse en place. Rinse and wash vegetables. Strain out water.

    2) Slice up carrots and cherry tomatoes. Dice shitake mushrooms and capsicum. Cut leeks and spring onion into short strands. Chop broccoli into smaller chunks.

    3) Put all vegetables except for cherry tomatoes and leeks into a steamer and steam at medium heat for 10 minutes.

    4) Blanch leeks in a pot of hot boiling water with a little oil and salt for 5-7 minutes until tender, but still retaining firmness. Dip in cold water after to stop the cooking process.

    5) Carefully remove all vegetables and arrange neatly in an aesthetic manner on a nice plate. Place raw cherry tomatoes in at the end and then drizzle olive oil on top of dish. Add seasonings to taste and any salad dressing if desired. Savour and enjoy.

About the participant

Aunty Marilyn has been cooking since she was just 4 years old. She is a certified chef with At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy. She experiments with different recipes and specializes in healthy and wholesome organic vegetarian cooking. In her free time, she watches cooking shows on YouTube and teaches classes on how to cook and eat healthy.

Marilyn Lim

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