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Singapore is known for its variety of food, ranging from high-end cuisine to local hawker fare. Local breakfast favourites are usually found in places such as hawker centres, food courts and coffee shops at affordable prices.

How can you resist the temptation of frie​d carrot cakes (fried radish with egg and sweet sauce), breakfast beehoon, noodle or kuay teow with choice of sides (such as fried chicken wings, luncheon meat, fish cake, sa​usages, vegetables etc.), roti prata, mee siam or mee rebus etc.

Dim sum

Singaporeans like fast, takeaway breakfast options, including popular dim sums.

Choose wisely from the vast options available in Singapore. Here is a listing of nutritional content for various dim sum, to enable you to make healthier choices:

​Food ItemsLor Mai KaiDim Sum, Siew Mai, SteamedPork Pau Dim Sum, Spring Roll, Deep FriedDim Sum, Har Gow, SteamedChee Cheong Fun With Char SiewDim Sum, Yam Cake, Steamed
Per serving size149 (1pc)16g (1pc)123.6g (1pc)22g (1pc)18g (1pc)80.5g (1pc)133g (1pc)
Energy (kcal)32229360702765193
Total fat (g)71164113
Saturated fat (g)
Trans fat (g)00.03N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.


Although fat is a concentrated source of calories, weight loss still depends on the overall energy intake throughout the day and physical activity. It is important to remember that calories are also found in foods containing carbo​hydrate​, protein and alcohol.​​​

Unhealthy breakfast options

Both pancakes and Danish pastries are made from flour, eggs and milk, etc., either topped with a sweet spread (maple syrup, jam, honey, etc.) or a savoury mixture (margarine, nuts, etc). Danish pastry is also very high in fat. Whilst providi​ng energy, fat and carbohydrates, they don’t provide many important nutrients. "This also applies to local breakfast ideas e.g. fried carrot cake, roti prata, kaya and butter toast," say​ die​t​itians from the Depa​rtment of Nutrition and D​ietetics at KK Women's and Children's Hospital​ (KKH), a member of the ​Sing​Health​ ​group.​​

Healthier choices include lower fat options: tuna bun, Japanese style pancake, vegetable pau, etc. Choose soup noodles instead of dry noodles and chicken porridge instead of pork porridge.

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