Discharge, or mucus secretion, is nature's way of keeping the organs clean. Secretion from the vagina is normal if the woman is of reproductive age, which is generally between 13 and 40. This secretion varies from woman to woman and also at different times in the menstrual cycle. Normal secretion is clear, light and odour-free.

When is feminine discharge not normal?

One indication that discharge is not normal is when it's excessive for no apparent reason. It is quite normal for a woman to experience heavier discharge when she is sexually stimulated, is pregnant or on the pill. It is not normal if the discharge is yellow or dark in colour, has an offensive odour or if it causes itching.

What causes abnormal vaginal discharge?

Abnormal vaginal discharge is often the result of an infection. Some reasons are allergy from fabric, deodorant or soaps, poor feminine hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases, and disorders of the vagina or cervix (the neck of the womb).

What are some tips for good feminine hygiene?

Some tips on practising good feminine hygiene include:

  • Wipe yourself from front to back, not the reverse.
  • Wash after sexual intercourse.
  • Make sure your partner does not have a sexually transmitted disease.

Ref: T12