In about a week's time, at pregnancy week 28, your baby will be 3/4 of the way up your tummy. As it continues to grow, you may occasionally feel breathless.

Why are you feeling breathless at week 27?

Breathlessness is a very common complaint in expecting mothers. There are a few reasons why you feel this way.

At the moment, it is because of the increasing oxygen demand. When you enter your third trimester in a couple of weeks time, your enlarging womb will weigh on your diaphragm and make it more difficult to breathe.


If breathlessness comes on very suddenly, and you get chest pain when you breathe, or feel feverish, seek help immediately. We need to make sure you do not have a blood clot in the lungs or a chest infection.

Reminder/Tips: Ladies who are rhesus-negative would usually need an Anti-D injection next week as well as at preganancy week 34. Please consult your doctor.

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