​Welcome to pregnancy week 24 mummy! Hopefully you are keeping those pelvic exercises that we shared in week 23 going!

You’re looking great at pregnancy week 24!

By week 24, you look pregnant and have the famous “pregnancy glow”. This attractive blush is due to increased blood volume and circulation under your skin.

In addition, the tip of your uterus is above your belly button and is approximately the size of a soccer ball. Imagine that!

Be kind to yourself

Don't despair if the weighing scale is getting increasingly scary to step on. You're carrying the weight of two human beings. So long as you are adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet, you'll be able to lose those extra kilos in a flash and return to your pre-pregnancy state rapidly.

A note about Braxton Hicks contractions

Braxton Hicks contractions are also known as false labour pains that do not cause the opening of the cervix. Refer to pregnancy week 28 for details about how to tell them apart from actual contractions.

A note about premature delivery between pregnancy weeks 24 and 37

Usually, before pregnancy week 24, if premature delivery occurs, it is not compatible with life. However, with present neonatal care, babies born from week 24 onwards have a better chance at survival.

After 37 weeks of gestation, your baby will be fully matured (otherwise known as having reached full term).

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