For mom

Growth scan at week 32

At pregnancy week 32, you will go for your third ultrasound scan called the growth scan. This scan helps to:

  1. Monitor your baby's growth, and whether the amount of amniotic fluid is sufficient. This will indicate your baby's wellbeing
  2. Determine your baby's position as well as the location of the placenta
  3. Measure the amount of amniotic fluid and your baby's projected growth and current estimated weight based on a measurement from its abdominal girth

No more flying from week 32 onwards

By now you should have ceased your international travel on board aeroplanes.

No prohibition on driving but here are some tips

There is no hard and fast rule about when to stop driving. However, it would be advisable to cease when your lower limb coordination is impaired by your belly bump. Always use your seatbelt and be careful on the roads.

For baby

At pregnancy week 32, your baby is an average of 2kg and is about 42cm long.

  1. His/her five senses are intact and functioning
  2. Your baby can also see light through the womb and react to it
  3. Your baby can also now produce tears
  4. Your baby develops rapid eye movements (REM) sleep and is now capable of dreams

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