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By pregnancy week 10, you're probably experiencing some form of weight gain. It probably isn't much, but when combined with how your breasts have swelled, you may notice that some of your tops are a little uncomfortable now.

Pregnancy weight gain: How much is healthy?

During pregnancy, the typical weight budget advised is a gain of anywhere between 9 and 13kg. At this point, your baby weighs less than 15g but by the end of pregnancy, your baby can be anywhere between 2.5 - 3.5kg on the average. 

What goes into your pregnancy weight gain?

Adapting to the new being growing inside you means your body has to make lots of changes, which eventually add to your overall pregnancy weight. Your body has been increasing your circulating blood volume and your uterus is expanding. By the time you deliver:

  • Your uterus will be about 1kg
  • Placenta approximately 700g
  • Body fluids including amniotic fluid, will take up approximately 3.5kg
  • Breasts 800g or more

These numbers are rough estimates and vary between individuals.

Starting to think about how you’re going to lose your pregnancy weight?

Tip: Keeping healthy and fit is important during pregnancy. So long as you keep a balanced diet and moderate exercise regime during pregnancy, your return to your pre-pregnancy body and fitness level will be a speedier journey! Remember, moderation is the key to everything.

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Your baby at pregnancy week 10

At pregnancy week 10, your baby is much larger than a 50 cent Singapore coin. It has grown to a length of 3.1cm!

  1. By now, your baby's limbs would be long, bent at the elbows and knees
  2. Fingers and toes which are webbed are separating
  3. Your baby’s face is appearing more human like
  4. Major organs would be in place although, some of them are immature and not fully functional like we discussed previously
  5. Your baby’s embryonic tail would be almost gone.

After this week, your baby will be equipped with its major organs in some form and can no longer be called an embryo.

From next week onwards, your baby will be known as a fetus.

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