For mom

Well done mum! You've hit the 4-month mark and that means you’re almost halfway there!

At pregnancy week 16, your baby bump is beginning to show. The transition period where it looked like you had eaten an extra bowl of noodles or rice and seemed like your tummy was protruding is almost over.

Expect a weight gain of 0.5-1kg per week this trimester!

Upcoming tests to note

If you are scheduled to undergo amniocentesis, pregnancy weeks 16-20 would be the ideal time to do so. Do note that only those who are found to be at high risk after the Nuchal Translucency Screening test done in weeks 11-14 are eligible for further testing such as amniocentesis as it is not a routine test we do for all pregnant ladies.

Pregnancy week 16 tip: Prenatal supplements

In about a couple of weeks’ time (usually week 20 onwards), your doctor will recommend commencing a daily supplement by the name of Obimin.

For baby

This week, your baby will resemble the size of an avocado! It'll weight approximately 146g and measure 12cm long.

Your baby's heart is now pumping about 3.8 litres of blood a day.

Your baby’s hearing is intact (though still not in the advanced stages) and he can now start reacting to basic sounds and music coming from the external environment.

Baby’s kicking (even if you might be unable to feel it) 

Although you've not reached the stage where you can feel your baby kicking inside of you, it is most certainly moving. It's capable of making sucking, swallowing and breathing movements!

From 16-20 weeks onwards, your specialist may be able to determine your child's gender with the help of the ultrasound (Although you probably will only have your 2nd scan between weeks 18-22). It's time to start thinking of baby names!

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