​At pregnancy week 6, you don’t look pregnant yet and people may not know that you are. However, pregnancy symptoms will start to present themselves and may be challenging for you in the coming weeks.

Some symptoms you may experience include:

  1. Nausea and vomiting (which usually peaks at weeks 8-10)
  2. Breast tenderness and darkened nipples
  3. Fatigue
  4. Frequent urination
  5. Food cravings/food aversions

1. Nausea

Nausea (and vomiting) at pregnancy week 6 is the most common symptom of all and is related to increased levels of circulating HCG. Nausea and vomiting does not usually harm the developing baby, even if some weight is lost initially.

However, in more severe cases such as extreme morning sickness, also known as hyperemesis gravidarum, anti-vomiting medications may be prescribed.  Extreme morning sickness may also warrant the need for hospitalisation and intravenous hydration.

It is important to see your gyanaecologist if your vomiting and nausea symptoms worsen and you’ve lost 5kgs or more.

2. Breast tenderness and darkened nipples

Increased oestrogen may be responsible for breast tenderness. You may find new pigmented spots around the nipple and the nipple itself darkening in colour from pregnancy week 6. Do not be alarmed, as this is common! Darkened nipples are nature’s way of helping you breastfeed your newborn.

3. Fatigue and tiredness

Physiological changes are taking place in order to cater for the increasing demands of your growing child. So it's normal to feel tired from pregnancy week 6. Most fatigue will improve as the pregnancy progresses.

4. Frequent urination

Frequent urination in the initial stages of pregnancy is due to increased production of body fluids which in turn affects the efficiency of your kidneys and increases urine production. As your baby grows in size, he/she may compress on your bladder and cause the urge to pee.

If you experience burning when urinating, be sure to get it investigated as an untreated infection could complicate your pregnancy.

Is frequent urination bothering you?

If frequent urination is bothering you, it's time to go caffeine free, or at least, limit your daily intake to about 1-2 cups per day for the time being.

Caffeine has a diuretic nature and causes increased production of urine. So, it's time to reduce coffee, tea, as well as some of those fizzy drinks.

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