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At pregnancy week 14, the symptoms of early pregnancy are beginning to fade away and your appetite is returning. That's good news for most but it comes with a caveat. The symptoms may be milder than before but it is unlikely that you will be totally symptom-free.

Common symptoms in pregnancy week 14 and the 2nd trimester

Here's a sneak peak of what's to come in the next few weeks (pregnancy weeks 13-16).

  1. Gradual weight gain

  2. Continued breast enlargement

  3. Darkening of the nipples

  4. Dizzy spells
    Dizziness may last up till the 20th week of your pregnancy. Therefore, avoid standing for long hours and sudden movements e.g. getting up suddenly from a sitting or lying down position.

  5. Constipation
    When constipation strikes, turn to high-fibre foods, eat lots of fruits and keep hydrated. Also, your womb will be enlarging and would be rising out of your pelvis and be palpable through the abdomen. This is something your specialists will assess and measure during each consult.

TCM during pregnancy

If you are thinking of using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), please be careful and consult with your specialist. It is acknowledged that certain herbs can help overcome pregnancy-related symptoms but, by the same token, some herbs have been found to be toxic. Inappropriate use of TCM can have side effects like miscarriages or damage to the fetus. For example, a common herb like ginseng should be avoided in pregnancy. So it is wise to check with your specialist as well as an experienced TCM practitioner before taking any herbs during pregnancy.

For baby

Amniotic fluid at week 14

As we speak, the amniotic fluid in the water bag is starting to build up. A mere 3 weeks ago, at pregnancy week 11, it contained only about 30ml of fluid. About halfway through your pregnancy, you'll be carrying around about half a litre of extra fluid in your tummy.

At 40 weeks, the amount of amniotic fluid in your body will most probably work out to a litre. Amniotic fluid has a few functions: it's shock absorbing to some extent, prevents your fetus from sticking to the membrane, and allows your fetus to float freely and in doing so, move.

Baby’s limbs are fully developed

Your baby’s limbs are fully developed and can move vigorously at times, although you won't be able to feel it just yet. Around pregnancy weeks 16-22, you might start to feel the first signs of your baby moving.

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