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Pregnancy week 15: Wearing comfortable clothing and shoes are key

At pregnancy week 15, your baby bump is beginning to show. In the coming weeks, at around pregnancy weeks 18-22, you will probably need more stretchable pants or skirts. Also, as your centre of gravity changes, you may find flat or low-heeled shoes more comfortable and better for preventing falls.

It's always good to be prepared!

Feeling hot?

Pregnancy raises your body temperature and you may find yourself feeling warm all the time! To keep cool, wear breathable clothing and underwear made from linen or cotton.

How to prevent yeast infection during pregnancy

Tip: Vaginal discharge tends to change during pregnancy. So here’s another good reason to wear comfortable and breathable underwear. Cotton underwear can help with ventilation and minimize the risk of developing a yeast infection during pregnancy. If you notice foul smelling discharge or itchiness during your pregnancy, seek treatment as soon as possible.

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Baby is sucking thumb at week 15!

By pregnancy week 15, your baby is beginning to use its arms and may even be trying to suck its thumb.

Your baby’s mouth has undergone rapid development and his tongue, as well as other oral muscles, have developed.

His skin is incredibly delicate and translucent, much like rice paper. You can virtually see blood vessels through it.

As your baby continues to grow, his bones will strengthen.

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