For mom

The worst is nearly over! By pregnancy week 11, waves of nausea and vomiting should be coming to an end.

Coping with headaches during pregnancy

Even though the nausea is subsiding, you may still have low-grade headaches throughout your pregnancy. If you do need to cope with your headache, please know that:

  1. Paracetamol is a safe drug to use in pregnancy and to
  2. Drink lots of water and
  3. Get sufficient sleep.

If your headaches are getting worse despite paracetamol and you get other symptoms such as blurred vision, sluggish reflexes, or feel generally unwell, please see your doctor IMMEDIATELY.

For baby

Baby is bigger than any Singapore coin now! 

There are officially no more Singapore coins to liken to your baby's size. Your baby has grown at an amazing rate and is averaging 4.1cm in length. A good idea would be to take out a ruler and have a look at just how much he/she has grown.

Boy or Girl?

Your baby’s body is starting to straighten and the genitalia are beginning to develop. It is too early to tell but it is around now that speculations about its gender may begin to arise. If you're lucky, your specialist might catch a glimpse on ultrasound in the next month or so if it's a male fetus, provided the fetus behaves. That would be when some semblance of external genitalia has formed. However, in general, it is difficult to accurately visualise the sex of the baby until after 20 weeks.

Physical changes in baby

The most poignant change during fetal life is the relative slow-down in growth of the head compared to the rest of the body. This is the opposite of how things were prior to this week.

During the fetal period, classic changes occurring would be the maturation of tissues and organs as well as rapid growth of the body.

Now that your baby is officially termed a fetus, we will be using the Crown Rump Length (CRL) as a form of measurement to chart its progress through the weeks.

Quick refresher: Crown Rump Length refers to the length measured from the tip of the skull to the midpoint of the buttocks, it is also known as the "sitting height".

You will notice that your baby's growth in length will be the most dramatic in the 3rd to 5th month. In the final 2 months of pregnancy however, the increase in weight is the most striking feature.

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