Is caffeine always necessary for an all-nighter?

Whether it was to cram for an exam or meet a tight deadline at work, everyone has pulled an all-nighter (or two!) at so​​me point in their life. At times like these, reaching for a strong kopi or a caffeine-filled energy drink seems like ​the natural thing to do.

But is loading on caffeine the only way to survive an all-nighter? And what are negative effects of too much caffeine? Adj Assoc Prof Toh Song Tar, Head & Senior Consultant, Otorhinolaryngology - Head &Neck Surgery, Singapore General Hospital (SGH) as well as the SingHealth Duke-NUS Sleep Centre, members of the SingHealth group, offers a wake-up call for those overly reliant on this stimulant.

“Although caffeine is useful for restoring alertness and reducing fatigue, overconsumption can lead to unwanted side effects, such as restlessness, irritability, nervousness, insomnia, headaches and palpitations,” he says.

Adj Assoc Prof Toh weighs in on the effectiveness of caffeine-free, alternative methods that people can consider using to stay awake.

6 natural ways to stay awake without caffeine

1. Exercising and stretching

Exercising and stretching promote blood circulation which in turn helps you stay awake. Exercise also causes your body to produce more adrenalin​e​​​ and raises core body temperature.

Adj Assoc Prof Toh explains, “At night time, the core body temperature slightly drops, setting the stage for a good night’s sleep. Exercise is a great way to ward off fatigue as it counteracts this natural drop in body temperature. Take a brisk 10-min walk or go for a short run, it’ll definitely help you stay awake if you don’t overdo it.”

2. Acupressure

Studies have shown that massaging certain acupressure points can help increase alertness. This includes applying pressure to the:

  • Top of the head
  • Back of the neck on both sides
  • Back of the hands in between the thumb and index finger
  • Area just below the knees
  • Sole of the feet, at the centre​

Read on for more tips to stay awake without having to resort to caffeine.

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