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​Jet lag: How can I reduce the effects?

There is no way to get rid of jet lag completely. However the following steps could help minimise the time taken for your body to adjust to the new time zone and to ease the symptoms associated with jet lag.

  1. Before you depart – prepare for arrival at new time zone
  2. Do this a few days before you leave Singapore: If you are travelling west, try to wake up later and stay up a bit later than usual. If you are traveling east, try to wake up earlier and sleep earlier than usual. You can also try to adjust your meal times to when you would have your meals in your new time zone.

  3. Onboard the plane – set your watch to the time in the new time zone
  4. Change the time on your watch to the time at your destination city. If it is day time at your destination try to stay awake during the flight. If it is night time at your destination, try to sleep during the flight.

  5. Allow time for jet lag to pass
  6. If you have a packed schedule when you arrive at your destination, and need to be on top of your game when you arrive, arrange to arrive at your destination at least two days earlier, if possible. This is to give yourself time to adapt to the new time zone.

  7. Soak in some sun
  8. When you arrive at your destination, try to get some sunlight as soon as possible. Sunlight is a powerful regulator of our circadian rhythm; more exposure will allow your body to adjust quicker to the new time zone.

  9. Stay hydrated
  10. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your flight to prevent dehydration, which may worsen the symptoms of jet lag.

  11. Optimise your sleep
  12. On arrival at your destination try to avoid high carbohydrate/fatty meals, alcohol, caffeine or heavy exercises close to bedtime as these can disrupt your sleep. Use earplugs and a blind fold to help minimise disruption to your slumber.

Now that you are equipped to beat the dreaded jet lag, have a safe flight and enjoy your travels!

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