The nose is one of the most commonly fractured bones on the face. This is often as a result of road traffic accidents, accidental falls or from altercations.

"Depending on the severity of the injury, there may be associated fractures in the face or other injuries sustained (e.g. head injury or limb injuries). The severity of the injuries to the nose can also vary from simple contusions to complex fractures," says Dr Terence Goh, Visiting Consultant, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, Singapore General Hospital (SGH), a member of the SingHealth group. 

What injuries can I get after trauma to the nose?

The injuries that you can get after trauma to the nose include:

  1. Nasal contusion limited to the skin and muscle around the nose
  2. Nasal bone fracture
  3. Nasal septum fracture
  4. Associated injuries to the eyes, face, other facial bones and neck

Symptoms of a broken nose

The symptoms of a broken nose include:

  1. Bleeding from the nose
  2. Pain within or around the nose
  3. Swelling around the nose which can cause the nose to look bent or obscure the crooked nose
  4. Bruising over the nose or face
  5. Grating sound when you move your nose
  6. A bent or crooked nose

Seek immediate medical attention if you have any of the follwoing symptoms:

  1. Nose is crooked   
  2. Profuse nose bleeding that would not stop
  3. Clear fluid draining from the nose
  4. Difficulty breathing
  5. Any other injuries to the eyes, face or neck

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