Caring for Yourself

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The value of values

Values are individual beliefs that we hold, which are what drives us to pursue what is deeply important to us. In order to be resilient, it is important for you to recognise your personal values that may get compromised and also tap into other values that can help strengthen you in times of need.

During challenging times such as a pandemic, it is good to reconnect with your personal core values (e.g. reasons for choosing to be in healthcare) so as to continue to support your purpose and drive.

Values are based on:

  • Areas of life
  • Characteristics

     Areas of life

More benefits being in touch with your values

Creating meaning (even through difficult times)

Values give you:

  • A sense of purpose
  • Inner drive
  • Learning experiences
  • Life satisfaction
  • A sense of hope

Quick tips on how to stay in touch with your values

  1. Write them down (Value Mind Map)
  2. Look at them regularly (wall, wallet, file, screen saver, phone)
  3. Modify, change or add on ideas
  4. Try to do things that support with your values > write these down too (even the small things
  5. Lost or confused? Re-look at your values when making decisions

Example of a Value Mind Map

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