​Up to 6% of seniors (aged 65 and above) in Singapore suffer from depression.

You don't have to be one of them.

Introducing Senior Wellness on Health Buddy

The Senior Wellness function on the Health Buddy app is designed to equip seniors like yourself (and your caregivers) with tools to better manage mental wellness and stay healthy so you can age gracefully and independently.

As this information is provided by healthcare professionals, you can be assured that it is advice you can trust.

The Senior Wellness functionality was developed by the Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) team as part of their programme within the hospital (SHINE) and in the community (BRIGHT) to reach out to seniors.

Features of Senior Wellness include:

Easy-to-use questionnaires to help you gauge levels of anxiety and depression you may be feeling

Know the level of anxiety and depression you are experiencing, and get advice on what to do to get better


SKH SHINE participants enjoy additional resources (articles/videos)

Where can you get Senior Wellness?

If you are already a Health Buddy app user, you'll find the new Senior Wellnes function within "Specialty Care" on the home screen of the app. If you don't have Health Buddy, download the app and try it for FREE today!


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