Preventing falls at home

Injuries resulting from falls are a common cause of hospitalisation and may lead to a decreased quality of life for the patient. Making the home safe is an effective way to prevent such falls. Below are 10 tips for home safety recommended by the Department of Occupational Therapy at Singapore General Hospital(SGH), a member of SingHealth group. These tips are easy to put into practice.

Practical tips to make your home safer

1. Use non-slip mats with suction in the bathroom and other wet areas. Remember to replace them regularly.


2. Sit on a steady chair (placed against the wall) when showering.

3. Place coloured tape on a raised floor edge to make it easier to spot.


4. Furniture seats should ideally be at knee height and both feet should touch the floor when you sit down.

5. Remove any loose mats.

6. Clear clutter that is obstructing walkways.

7. Secure messy electrical cords and telephone wires with a cable tie.


8. Place commonly used items within easy reach and ask someone for help, or use a long-handled reacher to pick up inaccessible objects.

9. Ensure there is sufficient lighting in your home.

10. Place a night lamp next to your bed and between your bedroom and toilet.

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