Wondering what to do with used office supplies, such a waste paper or file dividers, and old magazines that would otherwise land up in the bin? Why not gather these materials to create an origami corner bookmark? These are easy to make, and can be decorated to suit any style or theme you like – you are only limited by your creativity!

The origami corner bookmarks are easy to make, environmentally friendly and do not crease the pages in your books!

Here's how to create a corner bookmark:

1)      Cut waste paper into squares. Here, we used some old folder dividers which come in a variety of bright and cheerful colours. Each A4 divider yields two squares.


2)      Lay a square of paper on the table top in a diamond position. Fold the diamond in half, taking the bottom corner to the top to form a triangle. 

 3)      With the triangle pointing up, take the bottom right point to meet the bottom left point and create a mark in the middle from the tip to the base. 

 4)      After making a mark in the middle, unfold the triangle and fold the bottom points inwards towards the centre mark you just made.

 5)      Fold the two points back open. Next, take the tip of the top sheet and fold it towards the base. 

 6)      Fold back the two flaps you created in step 4 and crease each flap where it meets the horizontal top fold line

7)      Tuck the flaps at the creases into the pocket formed and press down. 


8)      Your corner bookmark is complete!


Here's where you can get creative! Use cut-outs from old magazines to decorate your bookmarks. 
 Bookmarks decorated to look like faces with various expressions. (Credit: Ms Sylvia Lee, Group Comms)

 For an instructional video on how to fold these bookmarks, please scan this QR code (opens in Workplace by Facebook).

If you attempted to make these bookmarks, please send us a photo at joyatwork@singhealth.com.sg. We'd love to see them!