Tears rolled down the cheeks of a loving mother as she hugged and gently kissed her fully dependent, non-communicative 22 year-old daughter tightly in her arms.  She was holding her daughter's head up to lean on her shoulders, stroking her hair and gently crossing her legs over her daughter such that she doesn't slide off the bed. This must be the first proper hug since her daughter's severe brain injury 5 months ago, leaving her in a minimally conscious state.  

"I have been so inspired and moved by the patients I have encountered.  Sometimes, it seems like we have done all we could for them - physically, cognitively, environmentally. And then I am reminded that there are opportunities to empower, not just through knowledge or skills but facilitation of a mother's physical demonstration of love to her child. The moment was silent, yet powerful; for both the mother and myself."


Wu Xiao Yuan
Occupational Therapist
Singapore General Hospital


Tags: Occupational Therapist, Allied Health