​"My name is Wu Li Ping, I am a breast care nurse working at Sengkang General Hospital Advance Clinical & Specialty Nursing Department as a Nurse Clinician.

As a breast care nurse, I see patients who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer, provide guidance and support to patients and families throughout the treatment journey.

One of my most memorable experiences working as a breast care nurse was when one of our patients decided to join SKH Pink Peonies, our breast cancer survivors support group, after she has completed treatment. I still remember she appeared very lost when she was first diagnosed. She had no support from her spouse; her only son was trying his best to accompany her for multiple appointments but she had to face the challenges of doing chemotherapy and the grief of loss after breast surgery. She volunteered to join support group as she understood the struggles that the patients are facing. She is always willing to share her experience with other patients to put them at ease.

My patients are the reason for me to come to work every day. Their smiles and appreciation motivate me to keep moving on.  When talking to them, our tone of voice and even the gesture matter a lot especially when they were undergoing stages of grieving after being diagnosed with breast cancer. They feel assured when we offer to follow up on their progress, to provide information pertaining to their treatment plan and emotional support if needed."

- Wu Li Ping
Nurse Clinician, Advanced Clinical & Specialty Nursing, SKH