COVID-19 has killed one million, infected many more, destroyed livelihoods and ravaged societies. Through the turmoil, journalists around the world have kept the presses rolling and the platforms updated, helping communities they serve make sense of developments. To mark World News Day that showcases some of their works covering the pandemic, they featured a story from the front line on Dr Hamid Rahmatullah Razak, Associate Consultant, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, SKH.

Many migrant workers long confined in dormitories are returning to work without fear, thanks to Dr Hamid. Dr Hamid has boosted the confidence of many migrant workers as he is able to speak the same language as them, and is able to listen to their concerns, provide explanations and help allay their fears. Dr Hamid who was in the UK last year to pursue his fellowship training and a research degree, had to return to Singapore with his family in early March this year as the situation in the UK was worsening. Dr Hamid who is the Deputy-Lead for SKH's COVID-19 operations also goes to share that he is in a communication team along with a few other doctors who speak Bengali, Tamil and other South Asian languages, and he is happy and proud that his ability to speak Tamil has benefited the workers at a critical time. Dr Hamid also mentioned that the situation in the dormitories has stabilised in recent weeks and that he needs to visit the dorms only a few times a month, instead of a week. Speaking of Dr Hamid, Worker Giresan Ramasamy, shared that Dr Hamid would make the effort to call him to ask about his health if he is unable to meet him. Dr Hamid said it has not been easy to work during the pandemic, especially during the fasting period of Ramadan but describes it as "service to mankind is service to God", and that his family and colleagues were especially supportive.