​"It has been eight and a half years since I first recited the nurses' pledge. This profession has given me many memorable and heart-warming memories. I had a patient who taught me the importance of treasuring our loved ones and appreciating life.

David was only 15 years old when I met him in 2009. He was diagnosed with a rare cancer – his prognosis was grim and he only had a poor survival outcome. Despite his complicated medical issues, he had a strong fighting spirit and was a very filial son.   He endured multiple needle pokes every day and hid his pain as he did not want his parents to worry. Nearing his death, he told the nurses that he was worried about leaving his mum behind.  Even though David has since passed on, his spirit still lives in our heart. 

Letting him go was tough. We mourned with the family at his funeral.  It was our way of saying goodbye to him, so that we could close this chapter, recharge and care for the next patient."

Woo Guan Yi
Assistant Nurse Clinician (Resident Nurse), Ward 48
Singapore General Hospital


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