Before Mr Sadayan Abdul Aziz Anwar Ali, 70, underwent his bypass surgery last year, like any patient, he had many questions and was worried about the risks of surgery. “The consultation, treatment advice and explanation on the need and risks of bypass surgery given by Clinical Assistant Professor Mathew Chakaramakkil Jose to my family and I were precise and professional. I am very thankful for the successful bypass surgery done by him and his team,” said Mr Sadayan.

He was very impressed with not only Asst Prof Mathew, but was also very appreciative of the quality service whenever he visits NHCS for his appointments. “I have had pleasant and satisfying experience each time at the Cardiac Clinic - from registration to doctor’s consultation, Clinical Laboratory for my blood tests, Pharmacy and the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit,” he shared.

Excited about expressing his gratitude and appreciation, Mr Sadayan wanted to make a gift in honour of his attending doctor on top of providing a positive feedback to NHCS. After learning about NHCS Heart To Heart Fund which supports needy heart patients and the advancement of cardiac care, he made a gift to provide financial support to needy patients of NHCS without hesitation. Now Mr Sadayan hopes to share his story, so that he can encourage others to step forward to make a difference while honoring their care team.

It’s truly amazing to see how empathy and care can create a positive experience that contributes to comfort and healing, and eventually paves the way for gratitude and helping others in need.

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Launched in 2010, the Heart To Heart Fund aims to support financially needy patients; patients who require novel treatment when they are unable to undergo conventional therapy; cardiovascular research, and the education and training of cardiac healthcare professionals.