As an Oral Health Therapist, I get to help people keep their smiles for a lifetime. I get the most satisfaction when patients come into the clinic with no knowledge about dental health but leave equipped with the knowledge on how to better take care of their teeth and gums. When my patients return with improvement in their oral health, it motivates me to work even harder.

I once cared for a 68-year-old patient with poor oral hygiene. She had not gone for a teeth and gum cleaning for a long while and had bleeding gums. I saw her regularly at the clinic and it was amazing how individualised oral hygiene instruction improved her oral health. After taking time to explain the right way of brushing and using interdental aids to her, she was very grateful for all that she had learned and how much her gums had improved with her changed habits. 

Nur Natasha Bte Mohamed Anwar
Oral Health Therapist
National Dental Centre Singapore