On 30 January, 3,582 healthcare professionals from 30 institutions across the nation were awarded for their quality care and excellent service at the Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2018. Out of this list, 9 individuals and 5 teams were identified as "Superstars" who have truly gone above and beyond what their jobs demand for the sake of patients. 

So, what makes them stand out? Read on, and be inspired.


Dr Chan has practiced medicine for the past 30 years. He always keeps patients' case notes close by so that he can refer to them when patients phone him.He also makes it a point to update patients of their test results through email, so they don't need to wait until the next hospital appointment to find out. To him, clinical work is truly fulfilling: "I cannot see myself doing anything else."

Dr Chan Yew Meng 
Senior Consultant, Department of Otolaryngology
Singapore General Hospital
Winner of Superstar Award (Clinician)


Tina has been in the field for 35 years. She uses music to help allay her patients' fear when undergoing invasive procedures, and undertakes various projects to improve patient care. Even though work can be hectic, she finds time to volunteer – visiting underprivileged elderly on weekends to ease their loneliness and help their health and social issues. She says, "Helping people gives me endless energy!"

Tina Teo Poh Tin
Senior Nurse Manager, Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory
National Heart Centre Singapore
Winner of Superstar Award (Nursing)


At the age of 18, Hong Rui knew she wanted a career that would allow her to help others. According to her boss, "Hong Rui is full of positive energy that motivates and cheers patients up." Not only is she passionate about helping her patients, she's also a cheerleader to her team. What keeps her going? "The smile on my patients' faces when they accomplish tasks they once thought were impossible reminds me that I'm in the right job."

Lee Hong Rui
Principal Occupational Therapist, Department of Occupational Therapy
Singapore General Hospital
Winner of Superstar Award (Allied Health)


Once he was alerted to an incident where a colleague had fallen into a drain due to a faulty drain cover. He promptly cordoned off the affected area, ordered for repair works and meticulously checked on some 200 drain covers throughout the SGH grounds. The tedious task took him three days. No wonder his colleagues readily attest to his can-do attitude. Dorothy Ong, a senior nurse manager, said, "Nothing is impossible for him. He always has a way to get things right."

Lian Dianhui
Senior Executive, Department of Facilities Management & Engineering
Singapore General Hospital
Winner of Superstar Award (Administration)


Auntie Ross' helpfulness and ability to connect on a personal level makes her very well-liked by patients and staff alike. She's often the first person patients confide in because many feel so comfortable with her. Once, a patient refused to be admitted. She tried to convince him and explained why he needed to be admitted. To her surprise, the patient said "OK, I trust you" and agreed to be admitted without hesitation.

Rossnani Bte Abdullah
Senior Patient Relations, Associate Executive
National Cancer Centre Singapore
Winner of Superstar Award (Ancillary)


In the words of Mak Ngai Khan, Director of Nursing Administration at Ren Ci Community Hospital, Lingaraj is "A strong advocate for patient and staff wellbeing." Her passion for her work has inspired her colleagues to take up projects to further the hospital's patient safety and quality improvement efforts. Even with her busy schedule, Lingaraj has found time to learn Malay, Mandarin and Hokkien to help her communicate with her patients and staff.

Lingaraj Prabha
Nurse Manager, Ward 13
Ren Ci Community Hospital 
Winner of Superstar Award (Nursing, Intermediate and Long-Term Care)


Gelena finds creative ways to engage her dementia patients. She introduced animal-assisted therapy, where patients train their motor skills by playing with dogs or taking them for walks. She also initiated a group class with Montessori approach, where patients are encouraged to be more independent in solving problems or puzzles. "When my ideas turn into reality to benefit patients, it makes my work incredibly meaningful and spurs me to do even more for them," says Gelena.

Gelena Giselle Anandarajah
Senior Occupational Therapist, Therapy Services
Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital
Winner of Superstar Award (Allied Health, Intermediate and Long Term Care)


Bingo, taiji and karaoke are just some recreational therapy ideas that Sharil has introduced to keep his patients feeling happy and engaged. He says, "I believe that happy and active patients recover faster." Outside work, Sharil founded the voluntary group, Cat-Assisted Therapy Singapore, which runs monthly therapy sessions at the hospital as well as three nursing homes and a special student care centre.

Mohamad Sharil Bin Abdul Rahim 
Executive, Volunteer Management, Allied Health Department
Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital
Winner of Superstar Award (Administration, Intermediate and Long Term Care)


Yogeshwari is known for going the extra mile for her patients. She wheels patients to the garden at lunch when she knows they prefer to be in the outdoors. When she senses a patient has something on their mind, she offers to go with them for a cup of coffee and a chat. What some may not know is that Yogeshwari had a fear of blood. Nevertheless, she decided to pursue a career in healthcare after witnessing the good medical care her loved ones received before their passing away.

Yogeshwari Kunjambu
Senior Therapy Assitant, Therapy Services (Occupational Therapy)
Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital
Winner of Special Mention Award (Allied Health, Intermediate and Long Term Care)