​"My relatives had never taken an interest in what I did. But things changed 15 years ago.  It was the eve of Chinese New Year.  My dad was cutting away the branches of a tree which were blocking our window. He was exerting all his strength to do this.  Suddenly, he collapsed right in front of me!

What I had learnt in nursing school came rushing back to me: I realised that my dad was having a stroke. I told my mum to dissolve a tablet of aspirin in water, and let my dad drink the solution, in hopes of lowering the risk of him suffering a second stroke. I then quickly called an ambulance, to try and get my dad to the hospital as quickly as possible.  

Riding in the ambulance with my dad for the first time, I was terrified and wanted to cry. But I knew I had to stay strong. Fortunately, my dad did not require surgery.  Though his rehabilitation period was long, I am glad he is still with us. Now, whenever people ask about the incident, he would say, "It is the aspirin water that my daughter gave me. She saved my life. She is a nurse."  I am not sure of the effect that the aspirin water had on my dad's condition, but his words tell me that he believes in me as a nurse. There is much we can do with our skills and knowledge – for our patients, community, country, and family.  As nurses, we should take great pride in our profession."

Voo Pui San
Nurse Clinician
Singapore General Hospital


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