​"As an AETOS frontline worker and the officer-in-charge of my team based at Changi General Hospital, I am naturally worried about our potential exposure to the virus and how to keep us safe. Thankfully, our supervisors look after our well-being and I am confident about the safe management measures put in place by the hospital.

Part of my job requires me to escort individuals who have tested positive for the virus, and help to enforce safe management measures. In addition, I also have to manage my officers’ morale and their concerns about the virus.

Having worked in the hospital environment for a while, I have come to empathise with the patients I see – many of them have their own fears and need reassurance. I see this as a service to the community and while there are obvious risks, I am glad that I am doing my part in helping to fight the pandemic and to help make a positive impact to those around me. Hopefully, things will get better soon and I will be able to go home to visit my family in Malaysia."

- Visvanathan Muniandy, Security Supervisor, AETOS Guard Services, Changi General Hospital

Originally published on We Are Majulah Facebook. Read more here.