"My father died of colon cancer, so I was very careful about getting screened annually.  I ate well, worked hard, and slept well.  When I was diagnosed with rectal cancer, I was shocked.  I went home, picked out a photo where I looked the best, and imagined it as my funeral photo.  That was how depressed I was.

After the operation, I even closed my business and did not leave the house. This carried on for a year, and that's when I said "enough" – I should not live my life like that.  I accepted a friend's invitation to karaoke, and started going out more.  In 2010, I went for another operation.  My abdomen now looks like the MRT network!  Although I go to the toilet less often, I still pass a lot of gas.  I really pity the people behind me on the escalator!

I am now a colorectal ambassador at Singapore General Hospital.  I also organise monthly karaoke sessions at senior daycare centres.  It makes me happy to see others happy. Whether it is through my singing or just being there for them, I am glad I can bring some cheer to others."


Thomas Lee
Ambassador at Singapore General Hospital

Mr Lee is one of the winners of the Singapore Health Inspirational Patient and Caregiver Award 2016.


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