​"I work in the Workplace Safety and Health team, and we are responsible for the workplace safety and health in SingHealth Community Hospitals (SCH). In 2018, when Sengkang Community Hospital (SKCH) opened, we also set up the SCH WSH committee to increase the staff's level of risk awareness in SCH, develop and implement measures to reduce risk at the workplace and promote a culture of safety throughout the organisation.

There are so many unforgettable memories in Support Operations, but I would definitely say my most memorable memory is the set-up of the COVID-19 wards at level 10 of SKCH. Staff from all the different departments, including Nursing, Operations, Infection Control, Medical, Communications, came together on the Labour Day public holiday to prepare three wards for COVID-19 patients over the weekend. The comradeship and team spirit displayed by everyone was amazing and it is heartening to know that in the most difficult of times, everyone is doing their part to work towards a greater cause.

Teamwork is everything. Similar to a patchwork quilt where different fabrics are put together to make a complete quilt, each department in SCH is its own individual piece of fabric. Support Operations is like the thread that helps to assemble each separate piece together to form a complete picture. We come together to deliver the best care for all our patients as one SCH family."

- Theresa Lee Yan Foon, Senior Executive, Support Operations, SingHealth Community Hospitals