​"A Radiologist is a medical specialist who is like a doctor’s doctor. A Surgeon colleague once said that Radiologists are the “brains” behind the Surgeons because the Radiologist detects the abnormality from an imaging scan such as an ultrasound, CT or MRI study, and the Surgeon uses this information to help them with the treatment of a patient. A good Diagnostic Radiologist will assess the abnormal findings detected on the imaging scan in relation to the patient’s clinical findings and, together with a good understanding of the biological behaviour of disease, put everything together to arrive at a pertinent diagnosis.

As a Breast Radiologist, I am privileged to participate in the care of patients spanning the entire spectrum of breast disease. When we detect an abnormality on the screening mammogram, we perform the imaging work and are involved in the biopsy of the abnormal finding. After surgery or other forms of treatment, we analyse the imaging scans during the follow-up. 

One of the more memorable experiences I have had was detecting an abnormality on a patient’s screening mammogram. I subsequently performed a biopsy for this lady and the small nodule turned out to be an early stage breast cancer. She told me that she was very glad that I had detected her cancer early and that she would inform all her friends to go for a screening mammogram."

Dr Teo Sze Yiun
Head, Breast Imaging Unit
Senior Consultant
Department of Diagnostic & Interventional Imaging
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital