The JAW nursing workgroup (Front row, L-R): SSN K Seetha, Cardiac Clinics, and AD Chua Lee Kheng, NDU; (Back row, L-R) SNM Goh Sye Lin, Cardiac Clinics, Melody Teo Min Ting, Nursing Administration, SEN Raudha Bte Osman, SSU and ANC Zeng Wenying, NDU. Not pictured are SSN Jamandron Leilani Alipoyo, Cath Lab, SSN Pedrola Rolyn Almeria, Ward 56, SN Zheng Qiyuan, CTICU, SSN Amanda Wang Enmin, NSCU, and NC Roslinda Binte Mohamed Idris, Ward 44/47B.

The NHCS Joy@Work (JAW) nursing workgroup was formed shortly after SingHealth launched the JAW initiative about a year ago. The workgroup’s goal was simple yet challenging – to boost our nurses’ morale and strengthen well-being. The long drawn pandemic had posed not only operational difficulties but affected many healthcare workers’ physical and emotional health, with its impact felt more heavily by our frontline staff. Our JAW nursing team certainly had its job laid out for them! 

Initiatives focusing on wellness and open communication

Within a short span of time, the workgroup worked with various departments to roll out several initaitves focusing on mental and physical wellness, workplace safety, peer support and better communication amongst staff. Using different online communication channels such as Workplace and zoom to publicise and/or hold their events, nurses who were off duty or on leave were also able to participate. Check out nursing’s Workplace group for the latest JAW calendar on the fun events and a patriotic theme for August!

 NHCS Nurses Kaw calendar joy@work
JAW nursing members would update and share their monthly JAW calendar on nursing’s Workplace group to keep nurses abreast of upcoming activities.  

Numerous fun and inspiring talks and workshops have started running since last year to improve staff wellness. For examples, ‘Mindful Hour’ led by Assistant Nurse Clinician (ANC) Zeng Wenying, teaches and encourages our nurses to take time for their own self-care (read more here), virtual fitness activities featuring yoga and piloxing cardio workouts aim to enhance physical health, while ‘Crafty You’ sessions, conveniently available via self-directed videos and ready-made craft packs, allow nurses to enjoy crafting at their own time and pace.

Snapshots of the ‘Crafty You’ sessions where staff learnt how to do creative art and crafts such as biodegradable seed pots, dot painting, coasters and chocolate making.

Besides these, the team recognised the importance of a good rest. When SingHealth’s Joyful Workplace Award was launched, they jumped on the opportunity to apply for facility enhancements to rejuvenate seven staff rest areas, namely at Ward 56, Short Stay Unit (SSU), Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit (CTICU), Ward 44A, Ward 44B, Ward 44 – CCU, and Ward 47B. Our ward nurses now have more rest areas to better recharge themselves during their break times (read more here).

 Short Stay Unit NHCS staff pantry
The balcony space outside Short Stay Unit’s staff pantry has now become a comfortable spot for staff to take a breather during break times.
To encourage open communication, the team also promoted the use of the nursing “i-suggest” platform to allow staff to voice any concerns or make suggestions to improve on their daily work. A suggestion received was to provide staff with a guide on workplace safety in view of the rising prevalence of abuse against healthcare workers due to the pandemic. This prompted the team to work closely with other departments such as Medical Social Services and Corporate Development to develop materials to help staff better manage abuse and harrassment. 

A joyful payoff

The JAW nursing workgroup’s efforts have been well-received and feedback from staff were positive. Those who have attended the mindfulness sessions cited that they felt calmer and have learnt to be more appreciative in life. The exercise and craft classes also saw an increase in participation and were in demand. This has fuelled the workgroup’s motivation more than ever to continue prioritising Joy@Work, instiling and spreading happiness to staff through various forms. For their remarkable JAW efforts, the team was recently awarded the SingHealth Nursing Award 2022 – Best Team Award for Nursing Excellence – kudos!

Assistant Director (AD) Chua Lee Kheng from Nursing Development Unit who has been leading the workgroup, could not be prouder of her team’s efforts and contributions. “We meet regularly to bounce off ideas and inspire one another on what sparks joy for our staff. Alone, we can only do so little, but together we can do so much!” quipped AD Chua.

Heartiest congratulations to the joymakers of the JAW nursing workgroup!