In an article by TODAY, Mr Benedict Tan, Group Chief Information Officer at SingHealth, gives his take on the future impact of healthcare analytics. 

"Right now, we're doing a more operational kind of analytics, basically to fine-tune, improve efficiency and, to a certain extent, effectiveness.   I'm more keen on the next two jumps to predictive analytics and preventive (care)," he said. 

At SingHealth institutions KKH, SGH and NHCS, an initiative called TrustedCare has enabled the collection of data to track a patient's journey, noting down and analysing important data so the institutions can optimise and reduce variability in outcomes.  

Initiatives like TrustedCare are being supported by the government's healthcare IT arm, IHiS. With powerful data warehousing systems and user-friendly analytics tools, healthcare administrators are able to translate data into information they can use to to optimise services to patients.

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