“I have been a radiographer with the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) since 2011, and an educator within my department and the Radiological Science Academic Clinical Programme for 9 years. My passion has been to improve the quality of care and service that we deliver to our patients now and into the future; being an educator enables me to do just that.

The constantly evolving healthcare landscape and Singapore’s aging population has resulted in an increased demand for radiographic imaging services. Coupled with a shortage in educators to supervise undergraduate students and newly qualified radiographers, this means that I have to be nimble during trainings in order to adapt to challenges and setbacks. In addition to being a role model for my students, I initiate opportunities for them to learn from one another during day-to-day clinical practice, and encourage reflection during our debriefing sessions. 

As a radiographer, no two days are the same. On days where there are incoming student radiographers, they need to be briefed then given a tour of the various radiology imaging centers within the SGH campus. When these students are deployed to their respective imaging centers, I will then supervise them and train newly qualified radiographers while performing my clinical duties.

Recalling my own student days and the early stages of my career, I was fortunate to have met many good teachers. They were a positive influence, and have inspired and motivated me to become an educator. I am currently working on a project with the Hochschule Flensburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany to introduce virtual simulations as a training tool for radiographers in operating theatres. I am simultaneously developing a competency-based curriculum for radiographers who support percutaneous nephrolithotomy (a minimally-invasive procedure to remove kidney stones through a small puncture wound through the skin) in the urology operating theatre.

I enjoy spending quality time with my young daughter during my free time, and have taken an interest in running and swimming ever since I retired from competitive badminton due to an injury. I also have a weakness for food, and enjoy tasting local delicacies while travelling.”

- Mr Tay Yi Xiang
Principal Radiographer (Education), Singapore General Hospital