"In my years as a radiation therapist, I have learnt that little gestures can make a big difference in patients' lives.  I met a young patient who had a poor prognosis when she came to my treatment room.  Gradually, we forged a bond and she even said that she aspired to be like me so that she could help other people.  I encouraged her to be positive and to pursue her dreams despite her condition.  Subsequently, she became weaker and was placed in the ICU.  She never made it back to complete her treatment.

After she passed on, her parents came to me and thanked me. They shared that the radiation therapy sessions were the only thing their daughter looked forward to every day, and that they had not seen her so happy ever since she learned about her condition. Although I was saddened by her demise, it was great comfort to know that I have made an impact on her life."


Tan Xiao Wei
Radiation Therapist
National Cancer Centre Singapore


Tags: Radiation Therapist, Allied Health