• Guidebook on age-friendly features in healthcare facilities
  • Published by SingHealth, based on collective contributions of institutions within the cluster
  • Doubles as an easy-to-use checklist for renovating or building facilities
SingHealth has released a guide book that details numerous ways to create an age-friendly environment for patients of all ages to move around safely, easily and comfortably in healthcare facilities.
Building such an environment serves to benefit not only the elderly, but also busy caregivers and those who may have poor vision or are wheelchair bound.
Titled the Singapore Healthcare Age-Friendly Infrastructure Guide, the guide book is a collective contribution by institutions within the SingHealth cluster.
It consists of holistically reviewed inputs from various departments, ranging from the frontline operations, to customer service, nursing, infection control, operations and communications.
The guide book features a ’10 Point Plan’ that provides recommendations on how to make age-friendly improvements within healthcare facilities.
Some of these areas include the main entrance, drop-off points, counters and consultation rooms.
It also doubles as an easy to use checklist that can be implemented effectively when renovating facilities or planning an entirely new development. The proposed solutions are also efficient and cost effective to implement.
With a set of recommendations developed with the patients’ well-being in mind, SingHealth hopes to promote the message of care through the guide book.