Earlier this week the Joint Duke/Duke-NUS Symposium, ‘Synergizing Biomedical Research in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders,’ brought together leading researchers from Duke University, Duke-NUS and all over Singapore.   The symposium featured experts presenting their research related to the clustering of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease.  This is a global epidemic that is emerging as a major cause of mortality and human suffering in Asia.

A major objective of the meeting was to develop productive partnerships and collaborations to enhance research in the field. Six faculty from Duke University made the trip to Singapore to be a part of the symposium. They were joined by colleagues from Duke-NUS, SingHealth, A*STAR, the National University of Singapore, the National University Health System, and the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine.

"I dare say it would be difficult to go anywhere in the world and find a scientific program with the breadth and quality of what we’ve heard during this Symposium. After reflecting on the various presentations and what people are doing, I believe there are many potential areas where we can work together productively,” declared Duke-NUS Dean-designate Professor Thomas Coffman.

Professor Coffman, who for many years was the Chief of Nephrology at Duke University, was both optimistic and clear about his expectations, “I think it’s on us, to take advantage of the opportunities to bring together Duke and Singapore in order to harness our resources, talents and energy to do some great things.   We can have a real impact in this area and improve what happens to our patients.”

The Symposium is the first activity to be held by Duke-NUS to mark its 10th year.

Article reproduced with permission from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School