15 January 2020 - Ms Mariam Din, a social work assistant, is a Superstar award winner at this year’s SHQSA. She joined the healthcare sector five years ago, as she wanted to be a role model to other caregivers and share the message that they should learn to take care of themselves, while caring for their loved ones. She shared that if the caregivers feel stressed, it will have an impact on the family member whom they are caring for. Mariam related that she empathises with the challenges faced by the families as she herself is caring for her husband, who has been a stroke patient for five years. She often puts herself in the families’ shoes and encourage the patients and families to always stay positive, control their emotions and be strong.

Mariam’s job scope includes answering queries and doing house visits, when needed. And she has gone beyond her job scope, like assisting to push a patient via wheelchair to another clinic , without waiting for the porter. Known as the ‘Excuse-Me Lady’, she will greet each patient who is there to seek assistance, with a big smile and a sense of optimism.