Getting to different parts of SGH Campus no longer requires looping through a single interconnected network, with three new routes providing direct access.

The new Outram Community Hospital (OCH) may have opened its doors with the completion of the new SingHealth Tower, but the rejuvenation of the SGH Campus is nowhere near the halfway mark. With construction work on other buildings in the healthcare hub still continuing, the Campus is expected to be a hive of activity in years to come.

Buildings coming up on the Campus will house a new National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), Emergency Medicine, as well as Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS).

In anticipation of congestion with the old road network, three separate, non-connecting road systems will serve different areas and institutions on the rapidly expanding Campus. This means that motorists heading to different institutions or centres can now get to their destinations more directly.

At the same time, two separate shuttle bus services will serve patients, picking passengers from the two Outram Park station exits for the North-East and East-West lines. They will cut travelling time as one service will stop at the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) and OCH only, while the other service stops at the Diabetes and Metabolism Centre (DMC), Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), SGH Specialist Outpatient Clinic (SOC) and NCCS.

However, the way to the SGH Emergency Department remains unchanged. Drivers heading to the SGH Emergency Department should preferably enter SGH Campus via College Road from Jalan Bukit Merah.

If you are driving…
• You need to take different roads to reach different places directly
• Note that some roads have been closed and new roads created
• OCH has some 1,000 parking lots, which will open in phases
• Rates at the open-air and multi-storey Car Park H are lower than other car parks on Campus


If you are heading to or from the main SGH hospital complex or car parks…
• Take the sheltered paths, bridges or underpass for pedestrians if you are walking
• Take the free shuttle buses that ply regularly from the MRT station exits or Car Park H at MacAlister Road


If you are taking the shuttle bus from the MRT station…
• Note that there are two services serving different centres
• All bus stops, frequency and operating hours remain unchanged