"When we opened the door to Mr Tan's rental flat, there was a pungent smell and it came from the heavily soiled mattress that he laid helplessly on.  Mr Tan, who was 71 years old, told us his legs were too weak to walk to the toilet.  He had been admitted to the hospital multiple times due to falls. Despite advice from doctors and nurses to enter a nursing home, he was reluctant and insisted that he was able to look after himself.

We were glad we made that house call that day – he was in urgent need of a caregiver given his circumstance.  Mr Tan finally agreed to move into a nursing home and he was so much happier and healthier under their good hands.  

Being in the transitional home care department has helped me to realise that there are many needy and frail elderly in our community.  We must ensure there is a seamless continuous of care for our elderly patients so that they can enjoy a good quality of life during their golden years."


Stephanie Lam
Senior Staff Nurse, Office for Integrated Care
Singapore General Hospital


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