Jumenah, a staff donor of NHCS Heart To Heart Fund, sold a variety of food items to cater to the tastes of her co-workers. These include desserts, crackers, jelly and more!


During this uncertain period, we are heartened by the continued support from all staff donors to NHCS Heart To Heart Fund. It is gratifying to see many of our staff making contributions in their own ways – small or big. Your support allows us to advance and achieve our causes to improve patients’ lives and health outcomes.

“Having gone through the financial challenges and difficult times when my late mother was diagnosed with heart disease, I can understand the burden and anxiety that needy heart patients and their family members have to go through. I hope my small contribution can help them a little,” shared Jumenah.

Jumenah who is a monthly donor to NHCS Heart To Heart Fund, strongly believes in giving back to the society and doing her best to help others. Earlier in June, when staff were encouraged to lunch alone or dine-in due to Covid-19, she took the initiative to prepare food items for sale to co-workers, and donated the proceeds to Heart To Heart Fund to support the financially needy heart patients.

Every experience brings about an opportunity for us to understand and grow.

Learning through similar life experiences allows us to resonate with that of others. Being a single parent to two daughters, Patient Service Associate Executive Chong Tsuey Yuh from Cardiac Clinic went through a trying time with all the weight on her shoulders.

The financial help she received made her realise that a small amount of help can make a huge difference in her life. As the saying goes; small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. Akin to her monthly contributions, she believes that “any small amount of money can make a difference to those who need help”, and she hopes that more would come forward and help those in need.

Besides monthly donations, Heart To Heart Fund has been receiving generous donations from our staff in various forms such as:

  • donation of honorarium from our healthcare professionals who are often invited to speak or render subject expertise at healthcare events
  • donation from condolence and birthday gifts

Join our community of donors and make an impact on our patients’ lives. Click here to find out more.


Launched in 2010, the Heart To Heart Fund aims to support financially needy patients; patients who require novel treatment when they are unable to undergo conventional therapy; cardiovascular research, and the education and training of cardiac healthcare professionals.

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