Diana believes in spreading love to those in need. “Everybody wants to be loved,” she said. “Patients are visibly happier when you go beyond your expected duties and simply show them more love and care.”

When she first took on the role of a Patient Relations Associate Executive at National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) in 2011, Diana had doubts on her suitability for a job that involved interacting with people due to her reserved nature. But she came to enjoy interacting with the patients that came by the Ambulatory Treatment Unit (ATU) every day, and patients, in turn, found comfort in her quiet care and concern.

At their first chemotherapy treatment, Diana would orientate patients and their caregivers around the ATU to familiarise them with the environment. She would take time to attend to their needs and ensure that they are comfortable.

For example, when she observes that a patient is feeling cold, she would bring out a blanket to cover the patient, and carefully tuck in the corners of the blanket so that it does not cause an obstruction.

“I remember a patient who was resistant to chemotherapy treatment as she was fearful of needles,” she recalled.

“She was crying and shaking violently, so I sat down, talked to her, and held her hand to reassure her. When she eventually felt ready for the therapy, I accompanied her to the treatment room. She was very comforted and decided to continue her treatment after that.”

Diana enjoys finding new ways to make the patient experience more comfortable and intuitive. When NCCS adopted the “1 Queue 1 Bill” system at the ATU, the layout of the new queue panel that displayed queue numbers was confusing to the patients. She proposed colour-coding the service stations and introducing coloured signages as visual cues to direct patients around the ATU.

“These gestures and improvements may not amount to much, but they are my way of showing my passion and sincerity in my job,” she said proudly.

Diana Chan Suk Ee

Patient Relations Associate Executive

Clinical Operations - ATU

National Cancer Centre Singapore

Recipient of the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards (SHQSA) 2020 Superstar Award - Ancillary Category