​Without effective teaching skills, medical knowledge gained over an individual’s career will just stay within the person and not get passed on to the next generation of healthcare professionals. We have been teaching but does that mean our medical knowledge has been imparted effectively?   With the rising demands of patients and evolving healthcare landscape competing for our faculty’s time, are we training the next generation of healthcare professionals efficiently?   This is critical as the next generation of healthcare professionals will be taking care of our patients, with our family, friends and ourselves among them.

Improving patients’ lives has always been the main mission of Duke-NUS and SingHealth on our Academic Medicine journey.   To ensure that medical knowledge is effectively passed on so as to benefit our patients, outstanding education must be a priority. It is imperative that our educators are equipped with essential teaching skills that best impart medical knowledge to the next generation. Our educational challenges are too complex for individuals to solve on their own. We require cohesive interprofessional healthcare teams to improve education practices together.

The Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM•EI) was established two years ago to build a community of passionate interprofessional healthcare educators – across medical, nursing, oral health, pharmacy and allied health, who not only educate, but improve the way we educate. We focus on developing all educators, advocating for them and providing interprofessional expertise to help our busy educators teach more efficiently. Our clinician educators that teach in AM•EI are your peers who are changing the environment to make it better for all educators.

Traditional education practices have to be reviewed to ensure that it suits the learning style of our new generation trainees. Teaching frameworks and best practices in education such as assessments and feedback guide our educators for more effective teaching. This includes mentoring and empowering aspiring educators to be part of the Academic Medicine education journey.

Three Committees in the AM•EI were set up with inter-professional educators from across SingHealth and Duke-NUS to ensure continuous improvement in the support and development of our educators – the Professional Development Committee, the Scholarship Committee and the Advocacy Committee. The Committees are charged to organise faculty development programmes, mentor educators in education scholarship and research, advocate and reward education excellence. If you have a passion for education, we invite you to be active in one of our committees.

With these, we are on a pivotal journey to transform healthcare education with educators by sharing expertise, embracing new approaches and building partnerships.

Everyone in education plays a role in moving healthcare forward and it can only get better when we advance education together as a community. Get involved and volunteer with AM•EI. Fulfill your passion for education to improve our patients’ lives.

Prof Robert Kamei / Assoc Prof Koo Wen Hsin
Co-Group Directors Academic Medicine Education Institute