Forum writer Lim Kock Lian's vastly different experiences while caring for each parent during their end-of-life journeys highlights the benefits and impact timely palliative care can bring (Palliative care made a difference in mum's last journey, Feb 15).

As an umbrella body for centres providing hospice and palliative care in Singapore, the Singapore Hospice Council sets out to champion quality palliative care and advance public understanding of end-of-life matters.

Our society remains largely ignorant of resources that can help improve the lives of patients and caregivers when a loved one is diagnosed with serious illness.

Multiple information channels are currently available, signposting resources such as existing medical services and how to access them. Patient and caregiver materials, including those on common symptoms, medications and nutrition, are available on our website at

More information on hospital consultative services, inpatient hospice, day hospice and home palliative care services offered by our member organisations can also be found there.

When time is of the essence or other information is required, we may be reached at or on 65382231 for assistance.

No one should ever feel helpless or lost at one of life's most difficult moments. As a developed and progressive society, there is much more we could learn to live well, and to leave better.

Patricia Neo (Dr)
Singapore Hospice Council