Take Careful Considerations When Opting for Presbyopia Correction Surgery

Presbyopia can start to occur as early as 30 years old. Depending on your age group and lifestyle needs, you have different options to choose from to correct presbyopia.

Professor Jodhbir Mehta, Head and Senior Consultant, Cornea & External Eye Disease Department, and Senior Consultant, Refractive Surgery Department, at the Singapore National Eye Centre, shared that presbyopia will happen sooner or later, and women are more likely to suffer from it at an earlier age.

The easiest way to tackle the problem is by wearing a pair of reading glasses. However, for those who prefer not to, there are other treatment options for them, which should be considered carefully with your ophthalmologist.

LASIK, which is the surgical correction for myopia, can help restore vision to 6-6. However, these options may only work short-term, and the patient may suffer from presbyopia again.

For example, a 43-year-old man with presbyopia had mono-vision done to correct his vision. He was satisfied with the results at first, but after five years, he would have to wear reading glasses again.  It is with this reason that SNEC chooses not to perform LASIK for presbyopia patients.