"I never thought I would ever have to stick my bare hand down someone's throat. But I did – and in a baju kurung at a wedding ceremony!  I was at a wedding when I noticed that a man had fallen onto the floor. It was calm one moment, and complete chaos the next. His wife was supporting his head in her lap while shouting for help.

Immediately, I knew I had to step forward.  As the man's wife told me he might have choked on a banana, I performed the Heimlich manoeuvre and used my hand to check his throat for food. But his throat was empty.  That was when his eyes rolled back in his head, and he fell unconscious.

A flood of panic washed over me as I realised I would have to perform CPR on a member of the public for the first time.  I was so afraid and shocked, especially when some of the people at the event pronounced the man dead and moved him aside without helping him.  Thankfully, his pulse returned after a few compressions!

I still keep in contact with the family every now and then.  As a nurse, it is my duty to do what I can to save the lives of others. I am glad I was able to go the extra mile for someone when they really needed it."


Siti Nur'Fatin Binti Abdul Hamid
Enrolled Nurse
Sengkang Health


Siti Nur'Fatin was one of the winners at this year's Healthcare Humanity Awards.


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